Protecting the planet and the people

The Climate Pathways Project

MIT Sloan Sustainability Initiative

The Climate Pathways Project aims to expand the reach of our En-ROADS climate solutions simulator, co-developed with Climate Interactive. En-ROADS is a first-of-its-kind tool that can show–on any laptop and in seconds–the impacts of global climate policy decisions on societal factors. It helps to spur conversations about the co-benefits and equity considerations of various climate policies. It has been used by 132,000+ people in 103 countries, including 1400+ top decision makers. We seek to increase these numbers across the globe. After experiencing En-ROADS, we hope leaders make more evidence-based policy decisions. Research on the precursor of En-ROADS (C-ROADS) has shown positive results, and we are now studying how En-ROADS impacts decision makers. We are funded by a gift from MIT alum Michael Sonnenfeldt and other anonymous individual donors totaling 3.78 million euros, to date.