Protecting the planet and the people

Use Space Debris as a Space Resource

CisLunar Industries USA, Inc.

CisLunar Industries is a space technology company building in-space metal processing systems that enable the transformation of space debris into valuable space resources to fuel the emerging in-space industrial revolution. The CisLunar Industries Modular Space Foundry (MSF) is a low-mass, low-cost, modular metal processing system that receives metal feedstock and processes it into basic metal products for In-space Servicing, Assembly, and Manufacturing (ISAM), and into solid metal propellant for in-space transportation and logistics. Because they are modular, MSFs are flexible, platform-agnostic, and can be deployed to the locations and in the quantities needed to match feedstock supply and product demand. CisLunar Industries is leveraging NASA funding, demonstrating an initial Earth-based prototype in 2021, with a parabolic flight demo in November 2022, on-orbit demonstrations in 2023 and 2024, and a clear path to a commercially available system in 2025.