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Net Zero Space

Policy initiative

As activities in outer space have entered a new era of growth, creating new possibilities for human development, the amount of orbital debris is increasing dangerously. International governance frameworks are not tackling the new challenges faced by the space sector.


What is the Net Zero Space initiative?


The Net Zero Space initiative is a multi-stakeholder platform that aims to achieve sustainable use of outer space by 2030 by taking concrete steps to mitigate the production of new orbital debris and remediate existing ones. In particular, it aims to raise awareness among policy makers and the general public to better protect the Earth's orbital environment and to promote interoperable norms in this regard. To do so, it is developing both a political and public advocacy effort, as well as conducting substantive work to develop actionable policy proposals to better secure Earth’s orbital environment.

The initiative currently has 64 members from across the value chain and beyond the industry, and from 24 different countries from all over the world.

Ever since its launch in 2021, the coalition has grown exponentially and has been conducting a series of activities which all share the same objective: to raise awareness beyond the industry of the need to deal with the problem of orbital debris, while finding concrete, viable and practical solutions before the situation becomes irremediable.

To find out more about the Net Zero Space initiative (including its members, their respective pledges, and all the publications), please refer to the dedicated website.