Youth Democratic Education in Sudan

The overall objective of the EU-funded project “Strengthening Young Citizens in Sudan through Democratic Education” is to increase youth participation in the democratic process and to contribute to the establishment of a credible and legitimate democracy in Sudan. It aims to help students understand democratic processes and the importance of their participation in the elections … Continued

The Civic Space Initiative

The project is a collaborative effort to protect and expand freedoms of assembly, association, and expression so citizens can influence leaders and hold them accountable. An open civic space is essential for accountability to human rights standards, development and inclusive decision making. As the global context shifts, the project has shifted to take address the … Continued

Early warning early response

The central idea behind the Early Warning Early Response (EWER) Systems Initiative, which is developed within the European Commission-funded electoral assistance projects implemented by UNDP, as well as in some broader governance projects, is to support nationally-led multi-stakeholder dialogue and coordination to diminish the possibility of electoral violence. A key objective of the EWER is … Continued

Eces electoral projects in ethiopia

The European Response to Electoral Cycle Support in Ethiopia (EURECS Ethiopia) is a 16.55M EURO project funded by the EU under the European Development Fund and by the German state-owned development bank KFW, on behalf of the German government. EURECS Ethiopia is implemented in synergy with the Prevention, mitigation and management of election-related conflicts and … Continued

Trusted news initiative

The TNI is an industry collaboration of major news and global tech organisations working together to stop the spread of disinformation where it poses risk of real-world harm. It is the only forum in the world where global tech platforms and publishers are talking about disinformation in real time. The TNI has a shared early … Continued

Youth driving democratic change

Youth Assemblies is a concept initiated in Mombasa, Kenya, which engages youth to take an active part in driving peaceful, democratic change in society. The concept builds on local mechanisms for dialogue and consultations, using parliamentary structure and procedures where issues of concern for the youth and suggested solutions, are brought forward to the duty-bearers … Continued

Citizen Helpdesks

Citizen Helpdesks are a pioneering citizen feedback, dialogue and community voice platform to ensure accountability in the development process. The Helpdesks collect critical information from hundreds of communities to solve daily problems for citizens and close the loop on challenges related to everything from service delivery, to human trafficking, to natural resource management and security … Continued

Parliamentwatch Network

Only transparency can help restore trust between citizens and their representatives. The Parliamentwatch platform brings citizens and politicians closer to one another, rebuilding trust and dialogue. The principle is easy: voters and citizens can talk and ask questions to their MPs online at any time and even during elections. The platform is now considered a … Continued