Africa is a world leader when it comes to female entrepreneurship. Women entrepreneurs are the backbone of African economies, accounting for 58% of the continent’s self-employed population and making up a large part of micro, small and medium-sized businesses especially in agriculture, and food production, trade, tourism, care, fashion, and general services. Unfortunately, women business … Continued

Global Coordination Platform

The Global Coordination Platform (GCP) is a secure platform that aims to create economic opportunities for IsDB’s Member Countries (MCs), helping them reach their development targets in the short, medium, and long term. The GCP is a free market system that allows registered countries to explore services offered by various providers worldwide, allowing them to … Continued

The Elevar Method of Investing

The Elevar Method of investing (e.M) focuses on three aspects: low-income customers, business models delivering essential products and services profitably, affordably and at scale, and entrepreneurs with the ambition and ability to build businesses that address barriers of access and inequity. Core to e.M is the belief that enhancing the value delivered to customers – … Continued

Collaborative Philanthropy for Social Impact

AVPN has brought together six diverse funders to provide $933,000 of first-round funding for a Philanthropic Pooled Fund. This new fund is the first in Southeast Asia and represents a new approach to philanthropy that focuses on collaboration and partnerships to deliver more effective impact. Using the AVPN network of over 600 social investors, the … Continued

Russia green architecture

VEB.RF is developing the Green Finance Market Architecture in Russia, which includes all basic elements: 1. Guidelines on green financing, 2. Taxonomy for verifiers of green projects, 3. Platforms and working groups combining Russian and international experts; and other elements, necessary for the functioning of the green market, but which do not exist yet. VEB.RF … Continued

Regional economic recovery

To help provide financing alternative to SNGs, PT SMI has prepared a program called the “Regional Economic Recovery Program.” It is a long-term, low interest loan made possible thanks to blended finance coming from donor, national budget, and PT SMI’s own resources amounting to USD 357.14 million. It is a long-term, low interest loan provided … Continued

Fund 4 nature regeneration

Biodiversity conservation is facing a financing gap, with only 3% of climate finance going to nature conservation, when in fact nature-based solutions could account for 30% of climate solutions. The L’Oréal Fund for Nature Regeneration is designed to rethink the project investment model by pairing financial returns with measurable environmental impacts. L’Oréal is committed to … Continued

Idfc climate facility

The IDFC has created a “Climate Facility (CF)” in order to help its members to strengthen their experience in climate finance and leverage knowledge and resources in the field of climate. This facility shall be innovative, operational and flexible, and shall provide resources and/or services to IDFC members in order to strengthen the integration of … Continued

Global emerging markets credit risk database

The Global Emerging Markets Credit Risk Database pools loan portfolio data from its member institutions in an anonymous manner and then produces statistics that its members can rely on in their internal credit processes. The geographical focus on emerging markets and developing economies gave GEMs a particular value to member institutions from the start, complementing … Continued

Africa green bonds

Africa is at the epicenter of climate change impacts, with vulnerable communities especially at-risk. Investors seek to allay climate-driven risk; green bonds, with transparent governance and outcome tracking, are an innovative proposition for sustainable investment. We established green bond programmes in Kenya and Nigeria, aimed at catalysing the market by partnering with public and private … Continued