Empowering Women in Agriculture Amid Conflict

Project presentation The Women in Conflict Zones Initiative (WICZ) is solely dedicated to respond to women and girls’ specific needs and vulnerabilities in conflict environments and engages them in peacebuilding and conflict-resolution efforts. In pursuing its objectives, WICZ identifies, funds, and provides technical assistance for projects in six core areas including crisis response, education, healthcare, … Continued

EmpatIA: AI to solve public issues in LATAM

2022-23 Scale-up project   Overview  EmpatIA explores the use of machine learning to tackle the most pressing development issues in the public sector in Latin America and engages in participatory and open projects to develop evidence that promotes a fair, open and sustainable region. The second edition of EmpatIA will focus on piloting and documenting … Continued

CAST: The Conflict Alert System

Project presentation The ACLED Conflict Alert System (CAST) is a tool for forecasting political violence globally. It uses machine learning to predict political violence events in every country in the world at the national and subnational level up to six months into the future. This tool is unique in its comprehensive use of ACLED data; … Continued

Safeguarding Gene Synthesis

2023-24 Scale-up project   Project presentation Cheaper & globally distributed gene synthesis technology increases the risk that malicious actors could misuse this technology to create and modify biological agents. The incentives, standards, & technological approaches in place for screening orders & customers have not kept up with the pace & reach of synthesis technology. The … Continued

Promoting Ethical Approach to Gene Editing

Project presentation Advancement in gene editing technologies such as CRISPR is fueling new scientific discoveries in cancer, Alzheimer’s, heart disease, and various gene therapies, enabling life-saving treatments and promising to revolutionize healthcare. But gene editing, like so many emerging technologies, has its ethical downsides. Broader application of gene-editing tools can lead to the risk of … Continued

Cosmopolitan Ethics for the Human Future

Project presentation Technologies are poised to alter the meaning of being human. Genome editing, especially of the human germline, raises fundamental questions of the dignity and integrity of human life. This scientific and technological frontier is also a moral frontier, with implications for all life on the planet. It demands inclusive and far-reaching deliberation drawing … Continued

Peacemakers Project

Project presentation Peace and Sport has over 15 years of expertise in the field of peace through sport. They developed a bottom-up approach, based on identifying the challenges, best practices and needs of leading organizations. The project is a global mentoring offer to support field actors, athletes and institutions to develop programs that use sport … Continued

Projet phare « Lutte contre la désinformation »

Project presentation The “fight against disinformation” flagship project aims to strengthen the resilience of French-speaking states and societies to face information disorders which represent a major challenge for the well-being of populations, social cohesion and democratic processes. It is structured around four areas of intervention: 1. Capacity-building for French-speaking fact-checkers 2. The fight against disinformation … Continued

Leveraging Data for Human-Centered Policies

2023-24 Scale-up project   Project presentation The demands on policymakers are increasing worldwide – facing climate change, societal transformation and economic uncertainties, evidence-informed decision-making is more important than ever. However, inadequate data quality and limited data capacities pose critical challenges, resulting in policy designs that fail to tackle existing inequalities. To address this, the Data … Continued

The Climate Fund for Nature

Project presentation Announced in December 2022 at the COP15 in Montréal, the Climate Fund for Nature has been initiated by KERING and L’OCCITANE Group to scale-up investment in nature-based solutions, so the world can meet its climate change, biodiversity, and land degradation targets. To date, the Fund combines ambitious commitments, totaling €140m out of a … Continued