QLEVER solution to fight hate online

The goal of our new innovative gaming platform QLEVER, is to help young people in Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan, especially the most vulnerable in remote rural or poor urban communities, to build crucial skills and methods needed to identify and resist misinformation, hate speech and fake news. Levels of media literacy are universally low … Continued

Adaptation to climate change locally

Central Asian countries are particularly vulnerable to the effects of climate change, yet there is a distinct lack of both information and action at a local level. Local populations, farmers, SMEs, youth, and woman urgently require information as to how to best prepare for such impacts, especially in water, energy and food production sectors closely … Continued

Triangular Cooperation on Women Empowerment

The initiative aims to empower women in Afghanistan by learning from Indonesia’s experience in supporting economic inclusion of less prosperous women in rural areas and in conservative patriarchal societies. TriCo also aims to strengthen partnerships between Indonesia and Afghanistan through south-south and triangular cooperation. TriCo has a strong participatory approach – Afghanistan’s officials are not … Continued

#JashStan: supporting the wave of youth peace leaders in Kyrgyzstan and Central Asia

#JashStan (‘Youth Country’ in Kyrgyz) is a youth-led project to prevent and counter violent extremism in Kyrgyzstan. Through youth groups, leadership training, and a reality TV series, this project is transforming the factors that lead to radicalization, empowering young people to take an active role in Kyrgyz society, and increasing collaboration between young people and … Continued

PASED: A pioneering model for country development

PASED is an innovative, pioneering model to boost the development of emerging countries and regions. This nonprofit, private sector-led initiative builds on a unique combination of philanthropic and entrepreneurial ventures. PASED aims at improving the quality of life of local communities through transformative anchor projects around which thriving socio-economic ecosystems can flourish. Piloted in Armenia … Continued

Innovative Energy Solutions

Traditional energy development cannot benefit all the population in Central Asia because its climates, terrains and landscapes limit the economic growth and increasing standards of living. Here we propose different forms of deep future energy based on our own researches, and combine these technologies with the climate and geological conditions in Central Asia, including: (1) … Continued