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QLEVER solution to fight hate online

Equal Rights and Independent Media
Central Asia

The goal of our new innovative gaming platform QLEVER, is to help young people in Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan, especially the most vulnerable in remote rural or poor urban communities, to build crucial skills and methods needed to identify and resist misinformation, hate speech and fake news. Levels of media literacy are universally low in Central Asia. Youth in Central Asia mainly and increasingly rely on online media and social media for their information, being vulnerable to misinformation and hate speech. QLEVER provides educational interactive games focused on building media literacy in Central Asia’s youth. Youth is incentivized to learn through playing by earning points in each game, which they can cash-in in exchange for prizes or mobile units. QLEVER has more than 97,000 registered users, 30% of which are young women and girls.