Navigating the AI Revolution: Shaping a Decade of Promise and Peril

AI offers boundless promise, revolutionizing healthcare, tackling climate change, and addressing global hunger. Yet, its ascent brings inherent risks, epitomized by the proliferation of deep fakes – AI-generated content eroding trust in information and threatening democracy. In this transformative decade, we must do more than cautiously navigate; we must actively shape AI’s trajectory. Across the … Continued

Female Combatants: roles and needs in conflict and post-conflict peacebuilding

(Session co-organized with the European Commission’s Service for Foreign Policy Instruments). This panel is to showcase female combatants’ stories by highlighting that women may simultaneously occupy more than one role while being involved in active combat. The panel will also discuss how to ensure better female combatants’ participation in peace negotiations. It is important to highlight women’s … Continued

Stopping the war on the rules of war

From Sudan to the Middle East and the Sahel, current conflicts indicate that civilians as well as combatants in armed conflicts are increasingly falling victim to blatant violations of their basic rights as granted by International Humanitarian Law and in particular by the Geneva Conventions. These attacks come together with a widespread feeling of impunity … Continued

SDG and democracy in peril: collective strategies to safeguard information integrity

(Session co-organized with IFPIM – International Fund for Public Interest Media). Mounting threats to information integrity, including large investments in information warfare by autocratic and illiberal actors and the rise of Generative AI, are imperiling progress on the 2030 agenda. Independent media is facing an existential economic crisis, hampering its ability to combat information disorder. … Continued

Secure digital transformation for sustainable development: challenges and opportunities

(Session co-organized with Microsoft). Digital transformation is changing the world in unprecedented ways. This panel will explore how digital transformation can support the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), while addressing the risks and challenges of cybersecurity. You will learn from experts and peers in the cybersecurity and development communities, and discuss how to collaborate on technical, … Continued

No Nature, No Future: Tackling the biodiversity emergency

According to recent figures, wildlife populations have plunged by an average of 69% between 1970 and 2018 – one of many statistics that show biodiversity, from our forests to our oceans, is declining faster than ever before in human history. This has devastating consequences for the well-being of all living creatures on Earth. A year … Continued

All hands on deck: Boosting financial efforts for People and the Planet

Public and private actors gathered at the Summit for a New Global Financing Pact in Paris on June 22-23, 2023, and affirmed their collective determination to address the joint climate, nature and development challenges. They pledged a series of commitments that will contribute to updating the international financing system and to improve the protection of … Continued

Youth Peace and Security – What Role for the EU?

(Session co-organized with the EEAS – European External Action Service). The Paris Peace Forum takes place as the EU marks the first year of implementation of the Youth Action Plan in EU External Action adopted in October 2022 and endorsed in EU Council conclusions in November 2022.   Given the large youth population in conflict-affected … Continued

Shaping our Shared Future: Inspiring Solutions from Around the World

In a world marked by rivalry and polarization, the need for finding common ground and innovative solutions has never been more crucial. Join us in this session where remarkable projects from across the globe will take center stage. From environmental sustainability and cultural heritage protection to shaping a safer and ethical digital world, these initiatives … Continued

Official launch of the AI Charter in Media

This session is co-organized with Reporters without Borders (RSF). AI-based technologies pose a major challenge to the integrity of information and the right to reliable, independent and pluralistic reporting. As public trust in the media continues to decline, there is an urgent need to establish universal ethical and professional standards for the use of AI … Continued