Navigating the AI Revolution: Shaping a Decade of Promise and Peril

AI offers boundless promise, revolutionizing healthcare, tackling climate change, and addressing global hunger. Yet, its ascent brings inherent risks, epitomized by the proliferation of deep fakes – AI-generated content eroding trust in information and threatening democracy. In this transformative decade, we must do more than cautiously navigate; we must actively shape AI’s trajectory. Across the … Continued

Emerging threats and cut-edge risks: a turning point for peace and security in cyberspace?

In recent years, some of the most rapidly developing technological innovations have come under public and political scrutiny, swinging between promises of major progress and warnings of far-reaching risks for humanity. While their lasting impact on the ICT environment makes no doubt, international questions arose about cybersecurity challenges posed by their widespread use. Governments as … Continued

Official launch of the AI Charter in Media

This session is co-organized with Reporters without Borders (RSF). AI-based technologies pose a major challenge to the integrity of information and the right to reliable, independent and pluralistic reporting. As public trust in the media continues to decline, there is an urgent need to establish universal ethical and professional standards for the use of AI … Continued

Fighting Global Disparities through Equitable AI for Equitable Policies

Pervasive disparities in public policies across health, education, wealth, gender, and race, present a significant threat to realizing the transformative potential of AI. Concerted global efforts are needed to ensure that the development and use of AI serve peaceful and prosperous societies everywhere. However, these efforts can only be fruitful if the experiences and knowledge … Continued

Unpacking the Cyber Mercenaries’ Phenomeon – Paris Call roundtable

Cyber mercenaries contribute to the rapid and uncontrolled proliferation of offensive capacities by stockpiling and exploiting vulnerabilities to develop their products and services. The unchecked growth of this marketplace poses a direct and serious threat to the global stability of cyberspace as well as to individual and collective rights – reason why it must urgently … Continued