Unpacking the Cyber Mercenaries’ Phenomeon – Paris Call roundtable

Cyber mercenaries contribute to the rapid and uncontrolled proliferation of offensive capacities by stockpiling and exploiting vulnerabilities to develop their products and services. The unchecked growth of this marketplace poses a direct and serious threat to the global stability of cyberspace as well as to individual and collective rights – reason why it must urgently … Continued

Secure digital transformation for sustainable development: challenges and opportunities

(Session co-organized with Microsoft). Digital transformation is changing the world in unprecedented ways. This panel will explore how digital transformation can support the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), while addressing the risks and challenges of cybersecurity. You will learn from experts and peers in the cybersecurity and development communities, and discuss how to collaborate on technical, … Continued

Prospects for Global Governance to Harness AI for Humanity

(Session co-organized with Doha Forum). Although profound crises confront the world, humanity has also never had such an abundance of knowledge, resources, or technological means to effectively tackle international problems through collective action. Against this backdrop, the Future of International Cooperation Report 2023 (FIC’23) seeks to facilitate deeper collaboration between governments, civil society, religious leaders, … Continued

Spotlight with Dame Jacinda Ardern, Special Envoy for the Christchurch Call

Ahead of the Christchurch Call Leaders’ Summit taking place on the 10th November afternoon, Special Envoy Jacinda Ardern will share some insights about the Summit agenda. In a time of rapid technological change, the Christchurch Call Commitments remain as relevant as ever. Aotearoa New Zealand and France will co-host the fifth Christchurch Call Leaders’ Summit … Continued

Stepping up Child Safety Online

Being offline is no longer an option for many children and youth today. The digital revolution has brought them easier access to education, information and knowledge and new ways to express themselves and socialize.  But these benefits also come with serious risks. According to the 2023 Global Threat Assessment online, child sexual exploitation, abuse and … Continued

3rd Summit for Information and Democracy: “Cooperating for the integrity of information”

In a context marked by the multiplication of infodemia, massive campaigns to manipulate information and drastic restrictions on press freedom, the third Summit for Information and Democracy will bring together political decision-makers and civil society experts to strengthen international cooperation in the fight against disinformation. Organized by France in conjunction with the Forum on Information … Continued

AI Governance – what is needed? From public infrastructure to democratic governance

Artificial Intelligence (AI) potential knows no bounds, promising transformative solutions to some of humanity’s most pressing challenges. However, like any cutting-edge and disruptive technology, its inherent risks require great vigilance to ensure its power is harnessed responsibly. In this session, we will delve into the intricacies of AI governance, examining how collective efforts can help … Continued

Protecting Populations from Critical Harm to the Public Core of the internet

Ensuring the protection and resilience of critical information infrastructures is crucial to the continuity of essential services to populations. However, global cooperation in this regard has been hampered by a lack of convergence between States on what infrastructure qualifies as “critical” as well as on consequences to be drawn from this designation. New methods remain … Continued