Africa-Europe relations in the context of instability and geopolitical rivalry

(Session co-organized with Open Society Foundations). Since 2020, there have been six coups in West and Central Africa, particularly in the Sahel, and now the ‘Coup Belt’ stretches from Guinea on the Atlantic to Sudan’s Red Sea coast. Recent political instability across the region is fed by high levels of poverty, poor governance, and insecurity, but … Continued

All about impact: Maximizing the role of philanthropy in the age of multicrises

(Session co-organized with Postcode Lottery). Philanthropies have the agility and capital to invest in innovative solutions in an era of compounding global threats to people and the planet. Yet, philanthropy is often misrepresented as either the world’s last resort financier or a de-risker of projects that cannot be funded by public or private capital. Philanthropy can provide … Continued

Not so bleak: Lessons learned from innovative approaches to peacebuilding

Peacebuilding and post-conflict reconstruction are often hard to measure and are overlooked for bleaker narratives and headlines. This session is devoted to inclusive, sustainable, and innovative solutions for a broad set of victims of war, from women, refugees, and asylum seekers to victims of arbitrary detentions and torture to name a few. Projects in the … Continued

A mine of sustainable initiatives for a just environmental transition

The mining sector is generally perceived as being polluting, corrupt and connected to Human rights violations, and yet it is also a crucial industry in the acceleration of the green transition. Renewable-energy technologies such as solar panels and windmills are built using a great variety of minerals which will have to be extracted in greater … Continued

Promoting fair access to outer space by the Global South to accelerate SDGs and growth

If equitable access to outer space is a recognized principle under international law, its implementation is often difficult. As we celebrate the benefits that space technologies and infrastructures have to offer to emerging countries, especially in achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and fostering overall economic growth, more attention needs to be given to how to … Continued

Sports – A heavyweight champion for inclusive and sustainable societies

As the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games draw nearer, the Paris Peace Forum is proud to gather a diverse array of remarkable sports projects from around the globe. They embody the transformative power of sports, showcasing how it imparts empathy, cooperation, and resilience—the essential ingredients for fostering open, inclusive, and just societies. The various … Continued

The Paris Dialogue in action: A roadmap for finance and sustainable development sciences

(Session co-organized with the Agence française de Développement (AFD). At the Summit for a New Financial Pact (SNPF), leaders of international organizations and institutions from the field of sciences and finance based in Paris launched the Paris Dialogue Platform, marking their desire to join forces to establish Paris as a laboratory for sustainable development solutions, a … Continued

3rd Summit for Information and Democracy: “Cooperating for the integrity of information”

In a context marked by the multiplication of infodemia, massive campaigns to manipulate information and drastic restrictions on press freedom, the third Summit for Information and Democracy will bring together political decision-makers and civil society experts to strengthen international cooperation in the fight against disinformation. Organized by France in conjunction with the Forum on Information … Continued