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Renforcer l’intégrité en RDC


Project presentation

The “Strengthening Integrity in the DRC” program, which has been running for almost three years in the east of the Democratic Republic of Congo, is part of a positive effort to combat corruption, one of the main drivers of the conflict, violence, and underdevelopment that plague the country.

Civil society supports integrity through the “Integrity Icon” campaign, which encourages public officials of integrity to change beliefs and norms.
Young people are also motivated to oppose corruption, through a film scholarship, music for change, and an empowerment incubator.

There is also pressure for greater budget transparency, feedback loops on resource management issues, and participatory governance to end cycles of violence, consolidate peace, and promote sustainable development.


Organization presentation

Accountability Lab DRC is an NGO based in the Democratic Republic of Congo, whose mission is to put governance at the service of citizens by encouraging responsible governors and institutions, and by supporting citizens and active communities to combat anti-values: corruption, fraud, discrimination, etc. The organization is a member of the Washington DC-based Accountability Lab Global network, which works with young people to develop new ideas for accountability.



"All my support for your fight. Our country needs responsible leadership to change the governance that does not benefit the people."

Claude Misare Mugomberwa, National Deputy (Uvira, South Kivu)