Crafting peace and building a safer world

The Expression Agenda

Article 19

ARTICLE 19’s Expression Agenda (2015-2021) provides a long-term and robust response to the rising tide of threats to freedom of expression and information –from the protection of individual activists and journalists on the ground in some of the most dangerous countries in the world, to shaping legal frameworks and policy to ensure that states respect international standards. This includes addressing the more traditional means of censorship that have long been the tools of authoritarian regimes –the intimidation, prosecution, imprisonment, and sometimes even murder of journalists, bloggers and human rights defenders– as well as new emerging challenges. Our work seeks to guarantee the existence of stronger laws and policies, government transparency and accountability and an empowered civil society in five strategic areas of freedom of expression and information –civic space, media, digital, protection and transparency– to advance the defence of democracy and the rule of law, which in turn form the cornerstone for peace in the world. With ten offices around the world, in Mexico, Brazil, Tunisia, Senegal, Kenya, Bangladesh, the US and the UK, our reach is global.