Protecting the planet and the people

Sustainable Cities Program (SCI)

Sustainable Cities Institute (SCI)
South America

The Sustainable Cities Program (SCP) works to build awareness and mobilize Brazilian cities to adopt and implement a sustainable agenda. The SCP takes a pioneering role in the implementation and municipalization of SDG in Brazil, through a comprehensive set of indicators in 13 thematic axes. It addresses public administration via an integrated perspective, including social, environmental, economic, political, and cultural dimensions. It also provides cities with inspiring practices. The program covers 215 committed cities, adding up to 61 million people in Brazil. As part of the process, the governor/mayor commits to develop a diagnosis and put forward a Goals Plan for the four years in office, assuring participation, transparency and commitment towards sectoral plans and policies. It aims to change the political culture to ensure the full implementation of rights to reduce socio-territorial disparities.