Protecting the planet and the people

Restore tropical peatlands

United nations office for project services (UNOPS)
South Asia

Indonesia is home to the largest area of tropical peatlands in the world. This ecosystem is one of nature’s most effective ways of removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. But when peat catches fire, it releases up to ten times more carbon than forest fires. Restoring peatlands helps mitigate the climate crisis. Indonesia’s Peatland Restoration Agency (BRG) restores peatlands to reduce fire hazard, aiming to revitalize and protect 2.67 million hectares of degraded peatlands. Funded by the government of Norway, the BRG Results Enabling Facility programme, managed by UNOPS, supports the development of an efficient and integrated peatland restoration model in seven key provinces. The programme aims to revitalize livelihoods by promoting alternative peat-based and environmentally sustainable income-generating activities to ensure communities thrive while peatland restoration takes place