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Sindicatum Blockchain technologies
South Asia

There is no bigger existential threat to world peace than climate change. We have been frenetically doing our part as a renewable energy business, via our sister company Sindicatum Renewable Energy, for the past decade. But we can’t do it alone. Renewable energy capacity still needs to grow tenfold in the next 20 years for us to have a fair chance to limit global warming to below 2 degrees. For that, we need to urgently increase global investment flows into renewables. To help with this effort, we established Singapore-based not-for-profit Sindicatum Blockchain Technologies (SBT) and its solution, Reneum. Ñ Our technology records the electricity generation data gathered directly from the smart meters of renewable energy projects worldwide in REAL-TIME, immutably on the Blockchain. Ñ This then enables the issuance of ‘Reneum’ tokens, representing proof of 1 megawatt-hour (MWh) of energy generated by the producers of renewable energy, with total transparency and integrity. Ñ Reneum tokens are issued free to renewable energy projects Key Features: Ñ Real-time monitoring: Data is provided immediately from renewable energy projects via smart meters to the SBT application Ñ Digitization and verification: Data is automatically verified for authenticity and written immutably on the blockchain – fraud can be spotted before it happens Ñ Transparent and Traceable: Buyers of tokens can track origin and time of the renewable energy generated – providing consumers with a robust, low cost and transparent process for verifying that their electricity has been produced from a renewable source Ñ No double-counting: Recipient of Reneum tokens are required to represent that they will neither issue renewable energy credits (or their equivalent) or carbon credits for the period covered Utilizing Blockchain technology and linking it with renewable energy generation, SBT will contribute to the mobilization of additional capital for clean energy and thus the disruption of electricity systems that have been far too slow in evolving. We are aiming to: Ñ Democratise renewable energy: Open-up the market for renewable energy to a more diverse range of producers and consumers across the globe – allowing everyone to participate in energy sector transformation Ñ Fill the regulatory gaps: Step in where renewable energy certificate schemes are lacking or inconsistent (only few countries globally have renewable energy certificate by law) Ñ Drive renewable energy investments: Provision of additional economic incentives to producers should accelerate the uptake of clean energy by creating an additional, and we hope material, revenue stream for renewable energy projects worldwide