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Pandemic prevention in ecowas

Deutsche Gesellschaft Für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GMBH

COVID-19 has shown that addressing the threat posed by infectious disease outbreaks is a global health challenge The Regional Programme for Pandemic Prevention (RPPP), funded by the German Government and the European Union (EU, implemented by GIZ) is building the capacity within the ECOWAS region to fight such threats. Working with the Regional Centre for Surveillance and Disease Control (RCSDC) and public health bodies in Member States in improving the management of infectious diseases, it has created new structures for risk communication, improved links and information sharing across the network, provided training in outbreak control and supported the roll out of an innovative digital solution for disease surveillance in Nigeria and Ghana (SORMAS). The current implementation period will end in June 2021 and preparations for a follow-up measure are currently ongoing.