Crafting peace and building a safer world

Maputo Accord: Cultivating a Culture of Peace


Project presentation

Low-scale armed conflict between the Government of Mozambique and Renamo restarted in 2012, but a nationally-led peace process initiated in 2016, has made significant progress. The Peace Process Secretariat provided support to the Parties to engage in dialogue and build consensus, resulting in a ceasefire, the decentralization of governance and the signing of a peace agreement. The nationally-led process is notable for implementing agreements while negotiations were ongoing, adopting innovative peacebuilding strategies, and empowering local communities to build a culture of peace. The private sector is supporting reintegration through livelihood opportunities, and Mozambique has enacted historic legislation to provide demobilized beneficiaries with a national pension, setting an example for reconciliation efforts.


Organization presentation

The Peace Process Secretariat (PPS) was established by the President of Mozambique and the leader of Renamo in early 2017 and forms an important part of the peace process architecture providing tailored support to all aspects of the implementation of the Maputo Accord and the Definitive Cessation of Hostilities Agreement. PPS is based in Maputo, Mozambique, and works under the Swiss Ambassador and current Personal Envoy of the UN Secretary-General for Mozambique, Mirko Manzoni.



  • 5,221 former combatants demobilized
  • 16 Renamo military bases closed
  • 1,500+ individuals connected with reintegration opportunities