Protecting the planet and the people

Lutte contre le trafic de faux médicaments

Fondation Chirac

Almost twice as deadly as malaria and at least twenty times more profitable than drugs, the traffic of falsified medicines is a health and economic tragedy that strikes not only the sick, but the poorest . It's a double crime! A favorite playground for traffickers, Africa is the continent hit hardest by this revolting trade. Unscrupulous killers exploit the vulnerability of people who do not have access to quality drugs, abuse their trust, and enrich themselves with impunity to the detriment of their health. Under the leadership of Professor Marc Gentilini (Honorary President of the French Academy of Medicine), the Chirac Foundation relentlessly pursues the political advocacy launched by President Jacques Chirac in 2009 during the Cotonou Appeal, in regards to fighting this plague. The foundation fights for the adoption of the MEDICRIME Convention of the Council of Europe (the first international legal tool, open to all), which criminalises the trafficking of fake medicines, allows a harmonization of legislation, and facilitates international cooperation against pharmaceutical crime. The foundation also conducts campaigns to raise public awareness of this threat, and advocates for the appropriate training of health professionals, by setting up training sessions on this subject at French-speaking universities.