Protecting the planet and the people


The Sea Cleaners

Inform, sensitize and incite change! these are the three reasons why captain Yvan BOURGNON decided to create the association 'The Sea Cleaners' after a solo trip around the world. As it stands the oceans are currently being threatened by significant, destructive pollution. To combat this, the association is mobilizing to create 'the Manta',i.e the first vessel for collecting oceanic plastic waste. These are the four main objectives: 1 / ACT AT SEA: collect macro plastic waste in high-density areas before they fragment 2 / EDUCATION and AWARENESS: for future generations 3 / ENRICHING: the international scientific community: i.e scientific laboratories and open data sharing 4 / BOOST: the circular economy i.e by promoting recycling, upcycling and reusing of plastics More specifics : Field of intervention: on the high seas, on the coast, in estuaries, at river exits Dimensions: 70m long, 49m wide, 61m high 4 electric motors, 4 Dynarig sails (rotary masts and fixed square sails) Energy storage: 100 tons of batteries, 2 Darrieus wind turbines, 2000 m2 of solar panels 1 sound emission system to keep fish away 2 cranes to collect large waste Processing unit: 3 treadmills between hulls, 1 manual sorting unit on board Plastics compaction: 1m3 balls Storage: 600 m3 / 250 tonnes in the hulls