Protecting the planet and the people

Le label “Qualité Sonore”

La Semaine du Son de l'UNESCO

Our project consists in an international label "Sound Quality" in partnership with Universal Music, the Écouter/Voir Foundation, IRCAM Amplify and UNESCO. After the adoption of resolution 39C/59 at UNESCO on the importance of sound and its good practices, La Semaine du Son has created a label that aims to limit excessive sound compression, regardless of the medium - radio, music albums, TV, multimedia - in order to preserve the hearing health of all. While the use of over-compression is omnipresent, we have just demonstrated scientifically, with Prof. Paul Avan (director of research, Pasteur Institute), that compressed sounds cause considerable damage to our auditory systems, but also to our brains. In light of this new major public health issue, this label will make it possible to raise awareness among broadcasters and distributors of the health consequences of over-compression.