Protecting the planet and the people

Investment mining opportunies in Africa


Project presentation

Evaluating investment mining opportunities in Africa is part of the project AfricaMaVal “Building EU-Africa partnerships on sustainable raw materials value chain” founded by the European Union for three years. The AfricaMaVal project aims to develop an EU-Africa partnership that ensures a responsible supply of mineral resources for European industry while guaranteeing sustainable local development under ESG conditions that would lead to an environment of long-term sustainable business for European and African companies. AWIMA is responsible for evaluating investments opportunities. For that purpose, they must build an EU and Africa business for the whole African raw materials value chains for the energy and digital transition and assess responsible investment opportunities. They also make available reports on mining regimes with respect to ESG objectives.


Organization presentation

The Association of Women in Mining Africa (AWIMA) is a network of 37 African women in mining, oil, and gas national associations. AWIMA was created in 2015 during the African Women Business Linkages Forum organized by the African Union Commission in Kenya. The members of the national associations of AWIMA are professionals and entrepreneurs in the mining sector; workers in artisanal & small-scale mining, and women in communities affected by mining.



  • 11 pilot countries
  • 34 targeted value chains
  • 100 investment opportunities