Protecting the planet and the people

Decentralized Electricity Network Based on Solar Energy over Blockchain

South Asia

We’re revolutionizing the future of energy — restructuring how it can be generated, conserved, traded and shared on a network Nimray brings clean energy to communities of all sizes. We do so by supplying both the innovative Solar technology and an accessible energy network that allows home energy generators to trade clean electricity profitably with others. All based on a newly developed blockchain technology that is going to revolutionize the industry. Our mission is to make India independent from power cuts, by creating Solar Microgrids all over India. A Microgrid is a small array of Solar panels installed bring to produce more power. Renewable energy technologies are ideally suited to distributed applications, and they have substantial potential to provide a reliable and secure energy supply as an alternative to grid extension or as a supplement to grid-provided power. Over 400 million people in India, including 47.5% of those living in India’s rural areas, still had no access to electricity. Because of the remoteness of much of India’s un-electrified population, renewable energy can offer an economically viable means of providing connections to these groups.