Crafting peace and building a safer world

Cultural Corridors of Peace

The Institute for Heritage and Sustainable Human Development (part of York Archaeological Trust)
Middle East

Cultural Corridors of Peace uses the memory of Bedouin nomadic routes to forge cultural pathways to peace and post-conflict collaboration across the MENA region. They hope that it will inspire others to build and revive relations through culture. The project provides Bedouin people with culturally-appropriate means to sustain their heritage and use it to improve their lives, gain recognition as a distinct group, challenge discrimination and strengthen their connections with each other across modern borders. Bedouin tribes in Lebanon have been particularly involved in all aspects of the planning, operation and management of the project. Bedouin people from Jordan, Iraq and Occupied Palestinian Territories have also taken part. The project is funded by the British Council and DCMS. Inherit implements it in collaboration with AUB, CBRL and experts across the region.