Protecting the planet and the people

Climate Revolution Program

South Asia

As an organization that has human rights in its thrust, DAKILA’s stand on the issue of climate change is a call for climate justice. Since 2015, we have been exposed to the challenge of coal-fired power plants. The Renewable Energy Act (RA 9513), a law that could help us achieve our 70% reduction in greenhouse gases and promote renewable energy use, has been lacking in implementation. Recent data from Department of Energy show that our dependence on imported coal and fossil fuel remain and the percentage of renewable energy has actually decreased. The lack of implementation of RA 9513 is a violation of the human rights of the Filipino people. The Climate Revolution Program aims to address this issue through its three main pillars: 1) Climate School aims to capacitate communities to find local solutions for the implementation of RA 9513 through partnerships with local government units and businesses. 2) UnCoal Campaign is focused turning communities (close to coal-fired power plants and in proposed sites) into active citizens so they can oppose dirty energy through active participation in the decision making of their government. This is done through awareness campaigns, capacity building, and local policy interventions. 3) Sustainability Dialogues aims concentrate on discourses with the public about sustainability as an intersectional problem which can be solved not simply by subscribing to individual practices but by addressing the system through collective action.