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Artificial Intelligence and the Rule of Law

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization

AI is helping justice systems worldwide by reducing backlogs and improving judicial efficiency, access to justice, and the quality of judicial ​decision-making. As the technology becomes more sophisticated and available, AI in the judiciary will continue to grow. However, AI is not a panacea and carries risks. For the Global South to benefit from AI in justice, we need to support judicial act ors to strengthen their capacity to uphold the rule of law. In 2022, UNESCO, The Future Society, National Judicial College, and Cetic.br, launched a massive Open Online Course on AI and the Rule of Law to engage judicial actors in a global and timely discussion on the applications of AI in justice. UNESCO will continue capacity building by developing knowledge tools such as a Global Training Toolkit on AI and the rule of law and knowledge-sharing webinars and seminars.