Protecting the planet and the people

A just transition in Arctic mining


Project presentation

Critical Raw Materials (CRM) are necessary for the green transition as well as for our security. It is in the Arctic region where we can find the most peaceful, stable, environmental and transparent mining opportunities. Therefore, the Arctic Economic Council (AEC) is gathering stakeholders from both inside and outside the region to map the opportunities and highlight best practices of working with indigenous groups when it comes to mining. The target population are mining companies and investors who want to increase transparency in the mining supply chain. The goal is to attract more investments to the north rather than authoritarian regimes, without compromising indigenous rights. The main partners are governments, investors, and AEC member companies.



Organization presentation

The Arctic Economic Council (AEC) is an international pan-Arctic business membership organisation with members from 11 different countries. The members are both small and medium enterprises, large companies, business organisations as well as indigenous groups. AEC does policy advocacy, networking and outreach on investments in the Arctic. It is the only organisation of its kind in the Arctic and is mentioned in several national policy strategies.



“AEC unites stakeholders from across the world to ensure a sustainably developed Arctic region and create thriving communities.”

Mads Frederiksen, Executive Director, AEC