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Swoop Aero

Selected at the 2020 Paris Peace Forum to receive one year of support in 2021

Project led by : 

Swoop Aero Pty Ltd

Geographical Area
Sub-Saharan Africa
New Technologies

This project led by Swoop Aero operates a multi-drone aeromedical logistics network to assist and support the Malawian Ministry of Health achieve national health targets for the residing 750,000 citizens in the Southern district of Chikwawa and Nsanje.


The initiative leads drone logistics operations to improve the access to basic healthcare for everyone, and ensure a sustainable, safe and reliable provision of healthcare supplies and services, with an ultimate aim of changing the health supply chain. After initial success in Vanuatu, operations have been expanded to Mozambique, DRC, and Chikwawa in Southern Malawi. In Malawi, drone operations help the government health programs dealing with communicable diseases such as HIV/AIDS, malaria, and tuberculosis, and now in response to Covid-19. The project also serves to map disatser risk to develop a post disaster framework.


Swoop Aero transforms the way the world moves essential supplies. We are bringing healthcare logistics into the 21st century by deploying two-way drone networks. Unmanned vehicles are at the heart of the next significant shift in supply chain logistics. We are driving this change. From the UN, to USAID, and the Gates Foundation, we are trusted to create value by sustainably transforming health supply chains to improve health outcomes in every community and country in which we work.

swoop aero

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