Epidemic Intelligence from Open Sources

The WHO-led Epidemic Intelligence from Open Sources (EIOS) initiative is WHO’s main vehicle for building a strong public health intelligence community of practice, as well as multidisciplinary networks and solutions to support it, by jointly addressing evolving community, capacity and technology needs. Established at the end of 2017, the EIOS initiative currently builds and supports … Continued

PREZODE: Preventing Zoonotic Disease Emergence

2022-23 Scale-up project   Overview  PREZODE (Preventing ZOonotic Disease Emergence) is an international and multi-actor initiative supported by the Quadripartite to improve prevention, early detection, and resilience to rapidly respond to emerging infectious diseases of animal origin through a One Health cross-sectorial approach. PREZODE is a dynamic platform for sharing innovative knowledge, and a resource … Continued

Africa Pathogen Genomics Initiative

The Africa CDC Pathogen Genomics Initiative (Africa PGI) was launched in October 2020 to accelerate SARS-CoV-2 sequencing and support the adoption and implementation of pathogen genomics and bioinformatics in national public health institutes (NPHIs) across Africa. The initiative is supporting a coordinated approach to maximize the benefits of pathogen genomics for more effective outbreak preparedness, … Continued

Resilient Asia Network Against Covid-19

The Covid-19 pandemic allowed us to identify a lack of go-to platforms for sharing easily accessible expertise, in-depth knowledge, and best practices beyond national borders. CIKD is developing a Resilient Asia Network with several key country coordinators to exchange ideas and produce publicly available knowledge and best practices in a post-Covid-19 world. The network encourages … Continued


The world is interdependent. We have known it for some time. But with COVID-19, we are now experiencing it. We also know that addressing global challenges requires us to work together. New technologies ignore borders and can connect the world’s brightest minds to collaborate and accelerate research, drive innovation and enrich education. But, without access … Continued

Satmed e-health platform

SATMED is an e-medicine software developed for satellite, and thus accessible everywhere on simple digital devices. It is owned by the Government of Luxemburg and aims to help healthcare providers to make better use of e-medical/health technology and services with a focus on remote and underdeveloped areas. SATMED is an operation launched in 2014 and … Continued

Together, we stand!

International cooperation is critical to fighting COVID-19. Innovative screening technology at Institut Pasteur Korea has identified strong COVID-19 drug candidates. Pasteurians of the Republic of Korea and Senegal have launched clinical trials to test the therapeutic efficacy of COVID-19 drug candidates. This cross-border scientific cooperation between pre-clinical research organizations, clinical research hospitals, and pharmaceutical partners … Continued

Covid-19 data platform

EMBL launched the COVID-19 data platform, together with the European Commission, European Open Science Cloud, ELIXIR and other partners. This platform allows rapid access to SARS-CoV-2 datasets in order to speed up research. The platform organises the collection of sequence data to ensure open data sharing globally. The COVID-19 Data Portal then makes this data … Continued

#team europe

#TeamEurope provides support at the global, regional and national levels to strengthen health systems in partner countries and prepare for future health crises. The EU and its Member States, financial institutions and agencies are joining forces in #TeamEurope to combat the COVID-19 pandemic through international cooperation. EUR 37 billion euros have been redirected to help … Continued

Pandemic prevention in ecowas

COVID-19 has shown that addressing the threat posed by infectious disease outbreaks is a global health challenge The Regional Programme for Pandemic Prevention (RPPP), funded by the German Government and the European Union (EU, implemented by GIZ) is building the capacity within the ECOWAS region to fight such threats. Working with the Regional Centre for … Continued