Agricultural Transformations and Food Security: A South-North Dialogue

3 Questions with Augustin Grandgeorge   What are the current and future challenges to food security?   Augustin Grandgeorge: First of all, food security – which means that all people have physical, economic and social access to sufficient, healthy food that meets their nutritional needs – is far from being achieved. In 2022, according to … Continued

Humanitarian Assistance 2.0: Tech that saves lives in times of crisis

Project leader interview: Cosmin Vaman, Humanitarian Assistance Digital Infrastructure During their journey, refugees face multiple challenges and crucially need access to accurate information. Technology and digital infrastructures designed to assist refugees exist and can ensure an effective and coordinated action from humanitarian actors as explains Cosmin Vaman, Chief Communication Officer of Commit Global, the organization behind Humanitarian … Continued

The 2021-2022 Paris Peace Forum’s Scale-up Program Review

Each year since 2018, the Forum selects ten projects to receive year-long customized support from the Forum’s Scale-up program (SCUP). This accelerator based program rests on a unique methodology comprised of mentoring from renowned experts, peer learning and advisory services, which aims to support each project’s development and amplify their impact. This review assesses what … Continued

Net Zero Space White Papers

Since its launch in November 2021, the Net Zero Space initiative to protect the Earth’s orbital environment has been calling for concrete actions to tackle the pressing challenge of space debris, with the ultimate aim of achieving sustainable use of outer space by 2030. Over the past year, the Net Zero Space coalition has grown … Continued

Harmful Content Working Group: Progress Report

A multistakeholder effort to unpack the idea of “harmful” content Since the emergence of Web 2.0, the Internet has radically expanded the scope of the public sphere and the potential for intersubjectivity by providing its users with an unprecedented means for instantly interacting and sharing content across the globe. The traditional debate on the extent … Continued

It’s Time for a Climate Agenda for All the People of Our Planet

Op-Ed by Mo Ibrahim This month marks a critical period for multilateralism. Over the next two weeks, both COP27 and the Paris Peace Forum will gather world leaders, civil society organisations, businesses, and financial institutions to discuss some of the global crises upon us. Of the crises unfolding, climate change is the most acutely felt … Continued

Paris Peace Forum contributes to UN Working Group on Cybersecurity

The Paris Peace Forum contributed this week to the third substantive session of the UN Open-ended working group (OEWG) on security of and in the use of information and communications technologies. The OEWG is currently the main fora to discuss ICT governance in the context of international security, an issue being addressed at the UN … Continued