Youth Climate Leaders

The Youth Climate Leaders aims to provide a unique experience: one trip around the world to learn more about climate change in theory, understand it in practice, and work on hands-on projects with other young people to start their careers as climate leaders. We want to shift the image of young people as “leaders of … Continued

Leveraging Visual and Statistical Argument to Combat Torture

The World Justice Project (WJP), through its Mexico branch, proposes a three-year project to end the use of torture as an investigative tool, by using a novel approach that relies on statistical and visual arguments to motivate new effective torture prevention measures. Torture remains a persistent feature of many criminal justice systems and serves as … Continued


Embark is a “reverse mentoring” service connecting young, talented refugees with business leaders to build meaningful connections, spotlight the often overlooked potential of migrants, and explore pathways to their fuller inclusion in host economies. Our vision is a future where refugees are acknowledged and well-integrated as vital contributors to host economies. Embark developed through partnership … Continued

The World Benchmarking Alliance

WBA benchmarks translate business commitments and activities into measurable rankings and provide an accountability mechanism to measure progress. By showing where companies stand on system transformations, the benchmarks accelerate sustainable development and encourage a race to the top. The Alliance of 250+ organizations brings together a broad, balanced group of stakeholders that supports WBA in … Continued

Peacebuilding through Health

Everybody needs health, everybody fears diseases. Conflict fuels the spread of disease and deprives people of health. Across conflict lines and political rivalries, health can become the best neutral avenue for peace, mediation and dialogue. Health, has a significant role to play in the agenda for sustaining peace. The World Health Organization is aiming to … Continued

Projet GALF (Guinée-Application de la Loi Faunique)

WARA Conservation (a French NGO) aims to protect biodiversity and fight against the trafficking of species and poaching. The organization is working to improve the level of enforcement of wildlife law in Guinea through a pragmatic approach developed around four stages: investigations, arrest operations, monitoring of the law and media coverage. Strongly focused on good … Continued

Securing Development: Public Finance and the Security Sector

As members of a United Nations-World Bank team, we have developed a policy instrument aimed to help governments and international organizations assess the financial sustainability of defense, police, and courts in conflict-affected and fragile states. The security sector public expenditure review (PER) applies standard macroeconomic and public finance analysis to defense, policing, and criminal justice … Continued

Environmental Conventions Index: Measuring and explaining the implementation of global environmental conventions

Environmental conventions are created to address global environmental problems. Assessments of the achievement of environmental goals, however, indicate that there is room for progress and for stronger collective action. There are, however, no systematic empirical instruments to measure implementation and to determine the factors behind countries’ results. It is therefore necessary to expand existing analytical … Continued

Peace Village

Nowadays, women are considered as a key fixture in terrorist organizations as many female jihadists taking role as suicidal bombers. At the same time, they also seem to have bigger roles in preventing and countering violent extremism. Accordingly, Wahid started Peace Village initiative with the support of UN Women. Peace Village is designed to empower … Continued

Dialogue civil en période critique

Project Name: Civil Dialogue in Critical Times The Organization: The initiative presented by the MGIMO-University as part of the “Peace & Security” section of the Forum. Project leader: Artem Malguine, vice-director of MGIMO-University – Concept: The dialogue of civil societies in critical situations is a mechanism used to maintain a minimum/sufficient level of communication between … Continued