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Projet GALF (Guinée-Application de la Loi Faunique)

Wara Conservation Project

WARA Conservation (a French NGO) aims to protect biodiversity and fight against the trafficking of species and poaching. The organization is working to improve the level of enforcement of wildlife law in Guinea through a pragmatic approach developed around four stages: investigations, arrest operations, monitoring of the law and media coverage. Strongly focused on good governance and the fight against corruption, by working with the authorities, the project has witnessed positive results and significant changes. The objectives are: 1. to identify (on a large scale) all traffickers of illegal wildlife products and to produce blatant evidence in the event of a trial; 2. facilitate the arrest of wildlife offenders; 3. facilitate the prosecution and ensure the enforcement of the decisions rendered; 4. publicize the results obtained as a means of informing the general public in order to draw the public's attention to the effective application of the wildlife law and the risks incurred, as well as on wildlife sanctions; 5. to organize training of the specific staff of Water and Forests, Customs, Justice and law enforcement on wildlife legislation and criminal procedures.