Chapultepec Forest Environmental Transcendence

Project presentation Chapultepec Forest, spanning 866 ha, holds great environmental significance in Mexico City, one of the most polluted and populated metropolis of the world. Chapultepec plays a crucial role in improving the air quality, provides green spaces and supports an immense biodiversity. Besides, Chapultepec has an enormous social importance, considering the 22 million visitors … Continued

Mexico-Indigenous Rights Observatory

Our project called “Mexico-Indigenous Rights Observatory” develops actions focused on contributing to the protection and fulfillment of the rights of 11 indigenous peoples of Mexico, the most historically disadvantaged social group in our country. Through this Observatory, we strive to have a long-term impact on the 68 indigenous peoples of Mexico, contributing to the exercise … Continued

Global Civic Forum on Building Shared Ethical Principles for the Governance on Artificial Intelligence

To holistically govern the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) for humanity, a conversation bringing together Member States, citizens, practitioners, policymakers, and other key stakeholders is necessary. To be fruitful, this discussion can take the format of a global civic forum, which will be anchored in a robust collective intelligence methodology to bring together a wide … Continued

Slingshot Impact Assessment

There is a lack of understanding about which interventions are most effective in fighting poverty. This climate is neither sustainable nor effective, especially for our under-resourced neighbors. The solution to this problem is straightforward. The poverty-fighting community needs an accurate, cost-effective, and scalable means to discover what works. This solution must isolate impact and provide … Continued

Cybersecurity for the Defense of Democracy

Protecting democratic processes and institutions is critical to ensuring the resilience of our democratic societies. To this end, Microsoft aims to put cybersecurity to work for the defense of democracy. Through this project, Microsoft seeks to highlight the work being done by the multistakeholder community to realize the promise of the 2018 Paris Call for … Continued

Campaign for Global Governance Philanthropy and the World Future Coin

The world suffers from a global democratic deficit and accountability shortfall, while veto power in the UN limits globalgovernance innovation. At the same time, the unsustainable economy needs a sustainable competitor. Global philanthropy can overcome these hurdles and create new, democratic, sustainable systems. We propose a 3-step solution: 1) A UN resolution on philanthropy, 2) … Continued