AI Governance – what is needed? From public infrastructure to democratic governance

Artificial Intelligence (AI) potential knows no bounds, promising transformative solutions to some of humanity’s most pressing challenges. However, like any cutting-edge and disruptive technology, its inherent risks require great vigilance to ensure its power is harnessed responsibly. In this session, we will delve into the intricacies of AI governance, examining how collective efforts can help … Continued

Insights on Cooperation in rivalry: The Challenge of Climate Change

In a world of increasing polarization and competition, it has never been more urgent for the international community to find collaborative solutions to shared challenges and on the governance of global commons. Among these challenges, one of the most urgent and critical issues we face today is climate change. The world is witnessing an alarming … Continued

Insights on Cooperation in a world of rivalry : Crafting Peace and Building a Safer World – The case of Caucasus

In a world of increasing polarization and competition, it has never been more urgent for the international community to find collaborative solutions to shared challenges. Today, we are experiencing the highest number of violent conflicts since the Second World War, 2 billion people are living in conflict-affected areas and over 100 million people have been … Continued

Facing the pandemics era: renewing the global health architecture

Nearly four years after the discovery of COVID-19, and while efforts continue to strengthen our collective preparedness, pandemics remain a global threat. While political attention is diverted from pandemic preparedness and response, the substantive results of negotiations around a pandemic accord and revisions to the International Health Regulations give cause for concern. Lessons on solidarity … Continued

Secure digital transformation for sustainable development: challenges and opportunities

(Session co-organized with Microsoft). Digital transformation is changing the world in unprecedented ways. This panel will explore how digital transformation can support the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), while addressing the risks and challenges of cybersecurity. You will learn from experts and peers in the cybersecurity and development communities, and discuss how to collaborate on technical, … Continued

Youth Peace and Security – What Role for the EU?

(Session co-organized with the EEAS – European External Action Service). The Paris Peace Forum takes place as the EU marks the first year of implementation of the Youth Action Plan in EU External Action adopted in October 2022 and endorsed in EU Council conclusions in November 2022.   Given the large youth population in conflict-affected … Continued

Fostering Lunar Policy Priorities for Safe and Sustainable Lunar Development

With over a hundred lunar missions planned by 2030, international policies and standards are needed to enable safe and sustainable lunar development. To begin this crucial work for our common future in space, this roundtable introduces the Lunar Policy Platform, an international, non-governmental, non-profit entity aiming to facilitate shared solutions to common lunar problems through … Continued

Embedding the SDGs at the core of business: from following to leading

From large multinational corporations to small and medium-sized enterprises, the commitment of the business community is essential for the achievement of th eSDGs. In a collective effort to build back better from the global pandemic and to overcome the triple planetary crisis, it has become critical for businesses to incorporate sustainability practices into their operations … Continued

Shaping our Shared Future: Inspiring Solutions from Around the World

In a world marked by rivalry and polarization, the need for finding common ground and innovative solutions has never been more crucial. Join us in this session where remarkable projects from across the globe will take center stage. From environmental sustainability and cultural heritage protection to shaping a safer and ethical digital world, these initiatives … Continued