From Multicrisis to Multiconflicts: how to stop the vicious circle

Violence is on the rise globally. The “multicrisis” created by the post-Covid setback on SDGs, debt, and new climate vulnerability has pushed many countries on the brink of greater fragility and political instability and created new challenges for conflict prevention. The UN as well as International Financial Institutions, such as the World Bank, have recently … Continued

Climate Impulse x UM6P : innovation and exploration for climate action

In this unique session, explorer Bertrand Piccard and UM6P President, Hicham El Habti will kick-start the collaboration between the University and Climate Impulse, the Swiss pioneer’s new challenge. Following on from Solar Impulse, which circumnavigated the globe in a solar-powered aircraft, Climate Impulse aims to perform the first non-stop, zero-emission flight around the world in … Continued

90 years of the International Rescue Committee (IRC): Exploring the parallel between then and now

The world is experiencing the highest number of violent conflicts since World War II. 110 million displaced people – the highest number ever recorded: a devastating consequence of natural disasters, violent conflicts, and source of high tensions on the borders of neighboring countries and the far away safe havens of Europe and North America. Civil society … Continued

The Great economic de-coupling: Globalization in need of therapy

Confronted with an increasing risk of geopolitical fragmentation, the global economy is facing its perhaps biggest test since the Second World War. Over the past decades, flows of capital, services, goods and people have radically transformed our world for better and worse and the global economy has tripled in size. Although it meant significant development … Continued

COP28: High stakes and little time to deliver on climate action

While the latest IPCC report states that the world is likely to surpass the 1.5°C threshold, increasingly frequent and devastating climate disasters worldwide call for urgent large-scale action. However, climate action is often one of many urgent priorities that must be addressed. The COP28, set to take place in Dubai a few months after the … Continued

No Nature, No Future: Tackling the biodiversity emergency

According to recent figures, wildlife populations have plunged by an average of 69% between 1970 and 2018 – one of many statistics that show biodiversity, from our forests to our oceans, is declining faster than ever before in human history. This has devastating consequences for the well-being of all living creatures on Earth. A year … Continued