Maneuvering Towards Space Sustainability: Cooperative strategies for future safety and security

Space activities are accelerating at a rapid pace, ushering in a range of opportunities for humanity while posing new global challenges in space safety and sustainability. Deepening international partnerships and gaming-out strategies to mitigate risks will be vital to harnessing these opportunities and to ensuring future sustainability, safety, and security. Join Foreign Policy, Amazon, and … Continued

Prospects for Global Governance to Harness AI for Humanity

(Session co-organized with Doha Forum). Although profound crises confront the world, humanity has also never had such an abundance of knowledge, resources, or technological means to effectively tackle international problems through collective action. Against this backdrop, the Future of International Cooperation Report 2023 (FIC’23) seeks to facilitate deeper collaboration between governments, civil society, religious leaders, … Continued

From science to policy: how to inform decision-making on pandemic prevention, preparedness & response?

(Session co-organized with PREZODE). The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the crucial importance of science and dialogue between scientists and policymakers in providing an effective response to the crisis. If this dialogue has been decisive, it could be extended beyond crisis periods in order to inform political decision-making and improve our collective preparation for pandemics. This … Continued

Securing our democratic informational environment

The advent of participative web technologies has profoundly affected people’s behavior within the informational sphere, to the point of extreme polarization and lasting damage to the serenity of public debate. Furthermore, the exponential flow of disinformation and other content considered harmful shakes the very regime of truth within democratic societies. While public authorities around the … Continued