Addressing inequalities and accelerating SDGs

Value Chain Upgrade


Project presentation

Value Chain Upgrade (VCU-SIL) is part of an approach aimed at stimulating and supporting agricultural value chains in various branches, with particular emphasis on caper cultivation, Beldi chicken farming and beekeeping.

VCU-SIL is also in the process of replicating the same strategy in several regions of Morocco and Senegal through the development of 6 value chains: Baobab, Salt, Rice, Cashew, Mango and Vegetables.

The aim of this project is to promote harmony within communities in Morocco and Africa, by encouraging sustainable and inclusive agricultural development. It strives to reduce economic tensions by creating equitable opportunities, strengthening food security and prioritising the empowerment of women and youth. They believe that their active participation in these areas is essential to building a balanced and inclusive society.


Organization presentation

Université Mohammed VI Polytechnique (UM6P) is a Moroccan higher education institution with international aspirations, specializing in the fields of science and technology, social sciences, as well as business and management.

The Social Innovation Lab is a space for social innovation, action-oriented research, and co-creation developed within UM6P. Its purpose is to support communities in their reflections and the development of innovative projects with significant social impact.



We operate in 5 African countries, covering more than 20 agricultural branchs and around 20 beneficiaries per branch, including farmers, cooperatives, companies, start-ups etc.