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Restoring Trust & Integrity in Global Finance

Starling Trust Sciences

The Project as proposed is to develop a global initiative, in partnership with leading global banks and their regulators, to develop new mechanisms to measure and map misconduct risk and to provide banks with predictive tools that allow them to address such risks proactively. We are in active discussions with leading banks and regulators in five global financial centers (UK, US, Australia, EU, Canada) to launch a coordinated Proof-of-Concept (POC) demonstrating the efficacy of our Predictive Behavioral Analytics and improved outcomes for consumers. We aim to conduct this project within the structure of the recently announced Global Financial Innovation Network (GFIN). The GFIN initiative is supported by twelve global regulators that provides a framework for cross-jurisdiction collaboration on regulatory innovation. (“regtech”) The goal for this project – the Starling Global Regtech Initiative – will be to demonstrate a measurable reduction in adverse reported regulatory events across participating banks and an improved means of culture and conduct risk supervision among participating regulators. With these results, we intend to advance the global adoption of conduct and culture-based tools for implementing sound governance processes within financial firms.