Addressing inequalities and accelerating SDGs

Projet d’indicateur du partage de la valeur au sein d’une entreprise


In a context of growing inequality that threatens to tear the fabric of society, it is important to imagine a new global pact with companies as the first guarantors. 83% of French people believe that the wealth produced within a company is spread unequally among the stakeholders (shareholders, managers, employees, suppliers), it is important to rethink the practices of governance and encourage the dissemination of good practices that are comprehensive in nature. As such, we propose the establishment of a European indicator measuring the sharing of the value produced by an enterprise, based on a series of objective quantitative and qualitative criteria, such as the remuneration policy, the distribution of capital or the place of training and learning, etc. This indicator is intended to provide clear information to the citizen/consumer, and would constitute (in addition to a competitive advantage for companies that have adopted it) a real steering tool for managers and boards of directors. This label would also make it possible to trace the company's trajectory when it comes to value sharing, since it aims to measure this factor using available and objective criteria on an annual and voluntary basis.