Addressing inequalities and accelerating SDGs

Leading From the South

Fondo de mujeres del sur, african women’s development fund, international indigenous women’s forum-ayni fund and women’s fund asia

Leading from the South (LFS) is a feminist alliance of four Women's Funds: African Women's Development Fund (AWDF), Fondo de Mujeres del Sur (FMS), International Indigenous Women's Forum-AYNI Fund (FIMI/AYNI), and Women's Fund Asia (WFA), supported by the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs. LFS unites feminist activism and lobbying efforts by women, girls, and trans-led organizations, movements, and networks in the global south, who are best placed to address inequalities within their communities. LFS disrupted the funding landscape by demonstrating innovative, efficient, strategic, and feminist southern leadership in resourcing movements, reaching groups and communities at the frontlines of social justice movements, who are often left out of the fold of traditional giving.