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2022-23 Scale-up project



Jouhouzia is a program aiming at ensuring heritage protection. The program engages with stakeholders in the public and private sectors aiming at setting the ground for an operational multidisciplinary team to act in times of emergencies. The Lebanese partners in the project are: the army, fire brigade, red cross, ministries of culture and interior, museums, libraries and the civil society.

The training program preparing for the operational team requires 150 hours of lectures, exercises, workshops, simulations, and site visits. Subjects covered fall within: artifacts protection, International Laws and conventions, first aid operations, case studies team work & emotional intelligence. The plans include consolidation, evacuation of works of art and manuscripts. Lebanon is the pilot country the project will also be presented to Jordan.

Biladi is the Lebanese NGO who launched and follows up on the Jouhouzia program’s development and growth.


Project's trajectory over the past year

Biladi is a Lebanese NGO specialized in the heritage sector. Founded by children of war, it seeks to contextualize international solutions in safeguarding heritage. For Biladi, heritage is a non-conflictual common ground between citizens and must be preserved.

650 professionals and university students have already been part of the Jouhouzia training program. The “heritage ambulance” and the deployable team are the next step for the program. Biladi holds the title of CER HUB Levant and is in collaboration with the Smithosonian Rescue Initiative and Blue Shield International.



“Jouhouzia gives hope for the history of the nation when in emergency. When heritage is saved, then the impact of the crisis is limited in time.”

Colonel Youssef Haydar, Lebanese Armed Forces