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Joint Environment Venture for South Asia

Conciliation Resources
South Asia

2022-23 Scale-up project



The project has enabled cross-border collaboration toward transformative solutions to South Asia’s environmental crisis: melting glaciers, unprecedented floods, and unbreathable air.

Long-standing political conflict in the region hinders joint solutions to these shared challenges. Convened by world-leading peacemakers, the platform stood out by its ability to work across the India-Pakistan border and diverse sectors.

The platform generated innovative ideas for peace and the environment, such as transformative biomass solutions and climate-compliant agriculture across the Punjab border.


Project's trajectory over the past year

Conciliation Resources and Inter Mediate, leading international peacebuilding organizations, have co-facilitated a transboundary platform for environmental collaboration in South Asia as part of the Paris Forum’s Scale Up program in 2022-2023. The Global Alliance for a Sustainable Planet, World Agroforestry (ICRAF), and the Center for Economic Research in Pakistan (CERP) are our environmental policy partners.



"The scientific consensus on reversing air pollution presents an opportunity for solutions that enjoy social & political will for transformation across the Subcontinent."

R Prabhu, Director, Innovation, Investment and Impact, World Agroforestry