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Interim Reparations for Yazidi Survivors

Nadia's Initiative
Middle East

Five years since the liberation of Sinjar, Iraq, the return of Yazidis to the area remains slow due to the immense destruction, slow rehabilitation of infrastructure, lack of essential services, and continued security risks. Female survivors of Daesh captivity endure the repercussions of past trauma, while facing an unfamiliar landscape upon their return to Sinjar. In 2021, the Yazidi Survivors Law (YSL) was passed by the Iraqi government. The law aims to provide redress and reparations to survivors of ISIS captivity. However, survivors cannot wait in vulnerable, uncertain, and scarce environments for a government that has historically marginalized them to fulfill its obligations. Nadia's Initiative (NI), funded by the Global Survivors Fund (GSF), has launched an Interim Reparative Measures (IRM) project to provide interim support to Yazidi survivors of Daesh captivity.