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Improving Working Conditions in the Ready-Made Garment Sector

International Labour Organization
South Asia

The Improving Working Conditions in the Ready Made Garment Sector programme Programme-II (RMGP-II) aim to improve safe and decent working conditions contributing to improved competitiveness in the garment and other sectors of Bangladesh; thereby, providing the framework for continued economic growth and a conducive export climate. The foundation of this work is realized through the RMGP-II with the following strategic areas: (1) Ensuring factory safety through monitoring of remediation of RMG factories by a fully operational Remediation Coordination Cell leading to an Industrial Safety Agency for all industries in Bangladesh; (2) Enhance the capacity of the Government of Bangladesh to regulate industrial safety and develop an effective labour inspection system; (3) Strengthening of the regulatory environment governing OSH and enhanced OSH practices in the RMG industry, providing the foundation for policies, best practices, and lessons learned for various industries (4) Active engagement of Better Work Bangladesh with RMG factories to develop a model for compliance in the RMG sector, with the aim to provide the basis and evidence for further efforts to improve working conditions/compliance in the RMG