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Global Partner Network for Feminist Foreign Policy


2022-23 Scale-up project



The Feminist Foreign Policy Collaborative (the Collaborative) is a global convening space that is helping to advance countries’ adoption of feminist foreign and development policies in order to accelerate progress toward gender equality, planetary integrity and peace.

The Collaborative manages and supports the work of two coalitions: the Global Partner Network for Feminist Foreign Policy (the Network) and the Coalition for a Feminist Foreign Policy in the United States.

Currently comprised of over 50 governments and civil society organizations, the Network creates opportunities for stakeholders to engage in joint advocacy, outreach, research and learning. Its main purpose is to deepen understanding about the ideas, policies, collaboration opportunities and partners working to advance FFP in a range of global contexts, and to identify concrete actions and timelines to move this agenda forward.


Project's trajectory over the past year

Since the 2022 Paris Peace Forum, the Global Partner Network for Feminist Foreign Policy has grown to over 50 government and civil society partners, set guiding principles and established two working groups.

It actively engages in multilateral settings and supports regional partners, like its collaboration with the Fundación para Estudio e Investigación de la Mujer and the Government of Argentina to host the inaugural regional convening on feminist foreign policies in August 2022.



“The GPN is the only space to discuss FFP with honest reflections, including in challenges, and in a multi-stakeholder space with civil society.”

- Cristopher Ballinas Valdés, Director General on Human Rights and Democracy, Foreign Ministry, Mexico.