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Global pact to break the cycle between hunger and conflict

Action contre la faim

Action against Hunger, the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) and the World Food Programme (WFP) believe that now is the time to act to ensure that concrete actions are taken to break the vicious cycle of hunger and conflict, which includes an efficient and quick implementation of the United Nations Security Council Resolution 2417 (2018). This Resolution recognized the link between hunger and conflict and placed the question of food insecurity as a threat to peace and security. Action against Hunger, FAO and WFP intend to seize the Paris Peace Forum opportunity to raise their voices to press all stakeholders to strengthen commitments to ending hunger and lay the foundation for stable, peaceful, resilient societies. To this end, we will jointly launch an international initiative to improve global governance on the issues at stake and to promote collective and concrete actions. Action against Hunger, FAO and WFP hope to engage key governments as champions on this issue. Our goal is to launch a “global pact to break the vicious cycle between hunger and conflict” by May 2019. Tools of global governance (political advocacy, the right financial instruments, commitments to adjust and create policies, programmes and action plans to better address the root causes of hunger and its interrelation with conflict) have the potential to ensure the global community reaches Agenda 2030 and especially SDG 2.