Addressing inequalities and accelerating SDGs

Eau et fragilité au Sahel

Initiative plus d'eau pour le Sahel

For communities living in rural and arid areas of the Sahel, as well as national stakeholders in charge of sustainable management of water resources, the aim of the project presented for the Paris Peace Forum is to collectively better orchestrate all levers, mobilize state of the art science and technology, enhance mutual groundwater resources knowledge with the perspective of sustainable exploitation, in order to 1) mitigate fragility through an improved access to water resources for both human beings and livestock, 2) promote change in the development of water resources, 3) improve synergies between local, national and international stakeholders, 4) reinforce cross-cutting links between the realms of peace and water. This will be achieved by implementing integrated multidisciplinary and multilevel approaches, allowing effective interaction between three key domains: Exploration, Education and Governance. The success of our approach will be evaluated by measuring the increase of effective water availability per person which is, as of today, far from the 25 liters / day recommended by the World Health Organization.