Addressing inequalities and accelerating SDGs

Ard el kheir incubator

Islamic development bank
Middle East

The Ard El Kheir incubator has supported young women, providing them with the capacity building skills for a decent livelihood. A business plan was developed and the win-win-win situation was struck. MSMEDA would provide the poor female youth clients with low cost financing. Ard El Kheir will provide capacity building to the young women, enabling them to expand their production of meat. MSMEDA would be able to provide a line of financing knowing that the financing would be utilized efficiently. The female youth clients also benefitted significantly from the training and the opportunity to engage in an income generating activity while mitigating the risks of loss. This project has been successful in aligning the interests of the stakeholders within the value chain so that through this cooperation, all three groups will benefit from this collaboration.