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Appui aux initiatives éco-entrepreneuriales au Togo

Climate Innovation Laboratory Togo (CIL Togo)

The Togo Climate Innovation Laboratory (CIL TOGO) is a platform for promoting and supporting eco-innovative climate change adaptation and mitigation initiatives; it focuses on the best projects from eco-entrepreneurs and young people aimed at solving the environmental challenges faced by Togolese communities and businesses. The project intervenes in environmental protection using mechanisms that promote and support green entrepreneurship in Togo and the sub-region by identifying and supporting innovative climate projects and exchanging new ideas with eco-entrepreneurs. In the spirit of the Paris Agreement and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), CIL Togo targets and seeks to empower aspiring ecopreneurs at the very beginning of the entrepreneurship process, targeting young people and women The proposition is to identify innovative projects, engage in open co-creation processes to address climate challenges, frame the best green projects and provide companies with a Green Star rating based on their ecological footprint. The project will address business and communities in strategic sectors that have an impact on the environment e.g energy, water, waste management and mobility. Supporting green initiatives to create decent jobs is one of the pillars of the business. CIL Togo will offer support and networking services to green economy players, providing information on the national and international climate technology market, offering seminars and training as well as consulting services, consulting engineers and environmental strategic support.